Welcome to the The Other Side Wiki

NEWS REGARDING THE SERIES.... Hello there, as you can clearly see, everything has completely disappeared. No there has been no Hackers, But there is going to be a Complete REFURB of this website... which means this web series will No-longer be called THE OTHER SIDE Due to some 'talks' the Team and myself have come to some decision about the Web Show. now i cannot say at this time what the Title will be called, But if you have noticed that on the YouTube page ALL the videos have indeed been removed, as we will start all over again, this time better acting, better angles, better scripts, and best of all, better storyline...

The scene's will be shot ON LOCATION, and it'll also be different episodes.. making the audience want to 'guess' what's going to happen. but other then that i cannot say what we're going to plan WELL, WE CAN'T GIVE AWAY TOO MUCH INFO NOW CAN WE, OTHERWISE IT'LL SPOIL THE SURPRISE...

we will give you more UPDATES as soon we get it ourselves.

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